Back again

May. 15th, 2017 07:45 am
For a little anyway.

After last night's (Which I'm not sure I want to go into here; suffice to say my sister is resting after all that along with a good many of the fronters usually here) work, Fallon needed someone who wasn't as...directly involved as she was to run this thing-so here I am. :d

Today's to do list isn't that huge, thankfully-mid term, a few chores, som reading for school. Last night's intensity aside, it's nice tohavea Monday to just kind ofchill the hell out-tomorrow is going to be a hella long day for us (And not a usuall one) we're headed to Gleaners on Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday are our usually days at internship-not to mention we have both an intern shift on Saturday )Also not a normal thing) + another event right after tht is online for the most part.

As for me personally... )


Yeah, ranting aside (whoops sorry about that)...things are good this morning-windows are open, the cats've been fed-rides are finally set up (And ae how we like them, thank all the gods for that) and I'm actually feeling like we're back on the right track as a collective-and it's nice. Really fucking nice. I seriously hope this stays this time, because dammit, I don't want this shit to go away. It's been a damn long time since I've felt like we can actually accomplish everything we want to and then some, and I like this feeling. It's good, realy damn good infact. :d

As is the fact that we're going to have passed the MBLEX byy mid-June; This much I claim. xd




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